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Sienese Shredder 4 Now Available

Sienese Shredder 4
now available



The Kitchen logoPULSE MIAMI 2008
The Sienese Shredder was thrilled to exhibit at PULSE Miami 2008 with works by Man Ray, Sarah Plimpton, Susan Unterburg, Marcin Ramocki, Naomi Savage, Denise Duhamel, Evelyn Twitchell, Tord Boontje, Elie Nadelman, Louis Eilshemius, John Ashbery, Cletus Johnson, Robert Creeley, Eva Zeisel, Shirley Jaffe, and Joseph Cornell. Check out photos of the booth as the pages of the Shredder come to life.

Louis IV chair  

Clockwise from center: Tord Boontje prototype chair,Trevor Winkfield painting, Elie Nadelman bronze, Susan Unterberg photographs, 19th c. Sevres bust of Louis Pasteur, Simon Cutts neon sign, Man Ray iron, John Ashbery postcard collage.

Clockwise from left: Jane South/Miles Champion lasercut portfolio, Mark Wagner currency collage, Brice Brown/Trevor Winkfield silkscreen portfolio, James Hyde prototype table.

Clockwise from left: Chuck Webster/John Yau woodcut portfolio, Marcin Ramocki and Paul Slocum video, Eva Zeisel glass candlesticks, Denise Duhamel hamster wheel text poem, James Hyde prototype table.
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