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Charles North




Suppose the dreams are
getting advices, what does
“advice” mean. Suppose it
means I want you to read this, and
hope very much that you are
able to do so.

Jason lassos Medea
and winter piles up, distinguished
by its rich inner life from
thieving sunset. Bring it
in a little? Would Scarr and
Sue please mug more directly—not more
into the camera? Bulk as
waywardness, waywardness under the romance

of whatever branches it chooses,
in most of the constructions.



And what do you think of an inference that gobbles up differences,
right or wrong, or
anything that smacks of interpretation.

          The restless palaver: restlessness
          plus circummuring. A bench-warmer
          on the side of meaning well (despite being
          dangerously over-determined).

Suspected that the faces inside are equal to or greater than
what you see from the vantage of your divided life.



Cut it out! All it is,
formulated and not, as the pre-existing
head thinks in any meaningful way

          I mean flush as head and heart
          in the deposition category. Blueberries

are immortal, not so unstinting care.
One of the things you see over a city piled high with freight
the clouds recuse themselves. Please extend the representation

to include you shooting beyond the undesirable
but reasonable idea, push/pull in doing so
but no regeneration. So neige dolorosa.



Plus—a genuinely freelance position with
repetitive selves, a saw horse,
an old-fashioned pipe uncomplaining, since
error is a natural feature like shoulders,
the setting for a wearer and not merely
largesse of the trial of “incremental
vision” plush as truth and buzzing
with underpinnings, nor should it be
mistaken for corporate accommodation as
pastness, since beyond fueling drift
snatches of the melody incrementally and not
because the defiance gains, blogger to
atmospheres featuring the light of day
through error and impossible waylay.

CHARLES NORTH’s most recent books are The Nearness of the Way You Look Tonight (Adventures in Poetry, 2001) and Tulips (collaborations with Trevor Winkfield; Phylum Press, 2004). His new book of poems, Cadenza, is forthcoming from Hanging Loose Press in March 2007.

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