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Iliassa Sequin



cinema sextet
          after k.l.



oh dear odessa’s silvernitrate
starting block
an illusion, it’s ‘dogged as does it’

as per usual
who is who per art
to saturate
in excess
of a bum steer

whirring insatiably
its political burr
filmed into oblivion



on course, startled

gone to nothingness, ourselves
ugh, i mourn

ugh, i lettered in u’s loose use

what is mine or what is yours at dawn

leave by a foot’s whoops, whoops’ soul
’mongst the nights

tell me ‘oh, boo-hoo’

the use of thine and mine at night

i fuse to u’s

a huge part of thy departure in dreams
‘whoops, whoops’ we in us



suppose mrs catherine’s egg, shoo!

how do you do?
i have enjoyed it
white with yellow
like pigeons woo, soft or hard!

O my heart

o’er tears she peers
’mrs catherine

suppose a warring cock
screened cell or canned
oh dear, dissolved her roost

in between thes’ long intervals



to an’ fro
standing off
queuing up to dream
jessica, keep aside an eye

there reasons for unreason
(sic) wealth
bring forth your purse
come thes’ dreams

come, oh futility, come
to lillies’ lips
at times we’ll…

O ’ell prosperity ’ll bring forth
a billion billions

there, Jessica

ILIASSA SEQUIN lives in London, England where she is constantly occupied in forging [sic] her variations–quintets. A portfolio on her work appeared in La Treizième 9 (Pont de l’Arn, France, 2007).

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