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Ted Greenwald



from DAWN ON

Dawn on
As, iffy
Be so kind, looks on
The clear light Friendlies
Embody the money, short for
Inscribe on to forever iris inside clasp
Suggestions unhinge putting something on if
Embody the body all on about
Suggestions unhinge iris inside clasp
The view’s special All on about
As Way off
The clear light looks on
For into, friendlies
Findings issue breathing
Not quite flat, diverse modren boobs
Learn to do so Fussball bubble
Nod happily, diverse modren boobs
(Happy nod) says another begins set in
Love most about muse excuse
Come across, bait and switch
(Happy nod) says another Ignore this
Come across muse excuse
Lived-in because ignore this
Learn to do so, deal with, pleading
A few later, fussball bubble
Nod happily feet many language
Ribbon wonder stray
Word space posture peel-off
Praying dismantle play out wrong rights
A brainier adhesive posture peel-off
Ask for animal offering most nights
Head pack weak knees
No good reason offering most nights
Head pack Sonata taste light
A precious bundles weak knees
No good reason devotion arrives
Praying dismantle push too far
A peek there play out wrong rights
A brainier adhesive so far legs
Romance speaking demo
Color go to long night
Meet mermaid watery brushes with
Upside down swing bobbin
Build over, strip to reruns
State mind (good laff), final forever
Going become, peer into hammer
Build over, wander before surrender
Going become final forever
If only, wander before surrender
Color go to eyes snake
Upside down watery brushes with
Points fine, agree, eyes snake
Curve echo digit
Early to ice it’s air
Hands-off, maybe not, slight of and
Doze on a doggy, day it’s air
As come up talk talk
Lift head, that’s right
Bottom back down cutaway shell
As come up Same room
Bottom back down That’s right
Back off floor, same room
Hands-off, maybe not jones in stride
Beautiful thing slight of and
Doze on a doggy, facial phrases

TED GREENWALD was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, and has lived in New York City his entire life. The full text of “Dawn On” appears in 3 (Cuneiform, 2008); other recent books include Two Wrongs, in collaboration with Hal Saulson (also from Cuneiform, 2007), and In Your Dreams (BlazeVOX, forthcoming).

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